Apixaban Tablets (generic for Eliquis®) Approved

[ August 05, 2021 ]

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc. announces today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted final approval of its Abbreviated New Drug Application for Apixaban Tablets (generic for Eliquis®). This product was developed by Towa Pharmaceutical Europe, S.L. in its manufacturing facility located in Martorelles, Spain.  According to industry sales data, Eliquis generated annual sales of $14 billion during the twelve months ending May 2021.  Breckenridge has been granted a license under confidential terms permitting Breckenridge to launch generic Apixaban Tablets under its Abbreviated New Drug Application at a later date.


About Breckenridge:

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc., a subsidiary of Towa Pharmaceutical (Osaka, Japan), partners with manufacturers nationwide and around the world to bring quality, cost-effective generic pharmaceuticals to U.S. patients.  With our dedication to customer service, on-time delivery, reliable supply and quality manufacturing, we improve the health and quality of life of the patients we and our customers serve.